Training bungle a triple whammy for vulnerable jobseekers

The LNP has targeted controversial Palaszczuk Minister Shannon Fentiman for failing to act on claims about alleged training rorts and wasting subsidies on dead-end training for low-demand skills, hurting jobseekers.

LNP Shadow Minister for Training and Skills Development Fiona Simpson said it was shocking to hear claims that some training companies were using recruitment firms to lure job seekers with promises of jobs which didn’t exist, as a means to get them enrolled in government subsidised training.

“Queenslanders deserve a full investigation of this alleged training rort which is hurting the unemployed and taxpayers,” Ms Simpson said.

“They also have a right to know why the Labor Government under Minister Fentiman failed to act when warned last year.

“This is a disgrace and needs fixing, but you can’t trust Training Minister Fentiman to do the right thing as she knew and failed to fix it.

“Unfortunately, she has form for letting down vulnerable Queenslanders in her previous role as Child Safety Minister and now she is doing the same to the unemployed who are looking for work.

“This is wasteful and cruel as it closes the door for many applicants to get a future training subsidy in areas of actual demand. That’s the triple whammy of waste of money, hope and opportunity. It’s a disgrace.

“These revelations are bad enough when there are 200,000 unemployed Queenslanders but it’s wasteful and reckless Government mal-administration.

“Labor’s Training Minister Shannon Fentiman clearly ignored warnings from last year about alleged training rorts that have cost taxpayers millions and preyed on desperate jobseekers trying to secure their economic future.  

“Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to show some leadership, sack Minister Fentiman over this monumental failure and order an immediate investigation into how this happened and why it was ignored by the government.

“With more than 200,000 Queenslanders out of work and looking for a job, the longest unemployment queue in our state’s history, the management of Queensland’s $1 billion training system is vital in our economic recovery.

“Queensland job seekers deserve a training system that leads to a job, not false hope.

“National data shows that under Labor, training completions have fallen by over 32%, there are over 12,000 fewer Queenslanders in-training and we lead the nation with the highest number of long-term unemployed workers.

“Not only has training and apprenticeship numbers fallen off a cliff under Labor, but Queensland taxpayers are being ripped off in the process.

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government has no budget, no economic plan and a training system that rips off taxpayers while treating jobless Queenslanders like fools.”

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