Sunny Coast Budget is way off track

The Sunshine Coast will feel the full force of the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s infrastructure neglect, LNP Deputy Leader and Treasurer Tim Mander warned today.

On a visit to the Sunshine Coast, Mr Mander said last week’s Labor Budget woefully underspent in the region.

“Transport Minister Mark Bailey had some nerve swanning around the Sunshine Coast earlier this week after short-changing the region by hundreds of millions in the Budget,” Mr Mander said.

“Labor had a chance to match the Federal Government’s funding commitment to duplicate the Sunshine Coast rail line, but instead only committed 20 per cent.

“Labor is playing politics over the Sunshine Coast rail duplication and now the project is $230 million short of where it needs to be.”

Mr Mander said not only was Annastacia Palaszczuk not delivering the full amount needed to get the rail project started, Labor was using Sunshine Coast taxpayer’s dollars to fully fund Cross River Rail in Brisbane.

“In fact, Labor’s commitment to the Sunshine Coast rail is around one per cent of the real cost of the $14 billion budget for Cross River Rail,” Mr Mander said.

“That just goes to show how much the Sunshine Coast matters to this Labor Government.

“Some 330,000 residents on the Sunshine Coast but only a single track leads in and out of the area. It doesn’t add up.”

Buderim MP Brent Mickelberg said compared to the LNP’s last State Budget, the Sunshine Coast has had an infrastructure cut of $234 million under Labor.

“People I speak to in Buderim are tired of the buck-passing on issues like the duplication of the North Coast rail line,” Mr Mickelberg said.

“Labor just need to stop playing politics, match the Federal Government funding that is on offer, and fix the rail line.

“Unlike Labor, the LNP supports building infrastructure on the Sunshine Coast.

“The LNP has committed to the 50/50 funding split with the Federal Government to ensure this vital infrastructure is delivered.

“The LNP’s Economic Plan also commits to make the Bruce Highway safer and more reliable.”

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