Staggering cost of fare evasion under Labor revealed

The Liberal National Party has exposed Labor Transport Minister Mark Bailey over his failure to curb endemic fare evasion across the public transport network.

LNP Shadow Minister for Transport Steve Minnikin said the only reason Mr Bailey put out a media release this afternoon was because the LNP had a Question on Notice showing Queensland taxpayers footed a $25 million bill for fare evasion.

“Blaming school kids for his own failure to enforce fares is a new low for Labor Minister Mark Bailey,” Mr Minnikin said.

“The scandal-plagued Minister failed to act on fare evasion until now, when he was caught out in another major public transport blunder.

“Bus operators have been dealing with a surge in fare evasion and anti-social behaviour for the past two years.

“Without appropriate enforcement action, the majority of honest, fare-paying passengers are forced to pay more to cover the losses from fare evaders.

“Not only are more Senior Network Officers needed to protect revenue and commuters, they also need the right enforcement tools to do the job.

“Our public transport system is in crisis under Labor. There is no end in sight to Labor’s Rail Fail and still no timetable for the restoration of 472 cut services.

“The buck stops with the Transport Minister and it’s time Annastacia Palaszczuk showed some leadership and sacked Mark Bailey.”

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