QR Performance Data finally released

“We now know why the Palaszczuk Government have hidden the latest QR Performance Data for so long.

“The report on QR performance for the first four months of this year makes for abysmal reading and shows that Labor’s Rail Fail is going from bad to worse.

“The huge number of skipped stations is quite frankly disgraceful.

“Commuters have been left stranded at stations 188 times in the first four months of this year – that’s a 144% increase on last year.*

“So not only is Labor skipping stations, we have thousands fewer services each month.

“This dramatic increase in skipped stations is unacceptable and only further damages commuter confidence in a broken system.

“I’m also deeply concerned that more trains are running red lights this year compared to last year.

“There is no justification for putting passengers at risk.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to order QR to put safety first.

“Signals passed at danger (SPADs) represent a catastrophic safety risk on the network.”

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