Palaszczuk gets big cross for overdue tick review

Two years have come and gone and graziers are still waiting for the Palaszczuk State Labor Government to deliver its promised review of Queensland’s cattle tick management laws.

Liberal National Party Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Tony Perrett slammed the government for failing to keep its promises to affected graziers and the communities they support.

“When Labor changed Queensland’s tick line in 2016, graziers and affected communities were promised an opportunity to have their say on what worked and what hadn’t,” said Mr Perrett.*

“Changing the tick line dramatically changes livestock management practices on properties, pushing labour and chemical costs sky-high.

“As a grazier within the ‘ticky’ area I know first-hand the increased time, hassle and cost associated with managing cattle across the tick line, so I understand people’s passion about this issue.

“I’m calling on this Government to deliver on their promise to Queenslanders and deliver this tick line review.

“Sadly, but not surprisingly, Mark Furner’s too busy flying around Queensland selling Labor’s half-baked budget to deliver the basics like a genuine tick line review.

“Tick line management should be bread and butter business for the Ag Department, but under this under-resourced and gutted department, officers are struggling to keep up with the basic day-to-day functions of an Ag Department.

“This city-centric Labor Minister Mark Furner is presiding over a department with 40 fewer staff compared to when the LNP was in Government. This is beginning to create real issues as our agriculture sector continues to be ignored.”

*Link to original Labor promise:

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