Tim Nicholls, LNP Member for Clayfield

Local Family

Like many Queenslanders I moved here with my family in the 1970s. It’s been my home ever since and is the only place my wife Mary and I ever wanted to raise our three children.

My parents chose Queensland because of the opportunities to create a better life for our family.

Early Learnings

My grandfather came to Australia as a little boy from Bulgaria, where his family escaped the advancing German Army during World War 1. He would say: “It’s how you do the jobs no one else wants that tells people who you are”. I’ve carried that lesson with me in every job I’ve had – as a kid helping dad, as a commercial lawyer, Brisbane City Councillor and when I was State Treasurer.

Tim Nicholls, LNP Member for Clayfield
Tim Nicholls, LNP Member for Clayfield

Record of Delivery

As Treasurer, I had the difficult task of repairing our State’s finances after 20 years of Labor waste and mismanagement.

We helped rebuild Queensland after Cyclone Oswald devastated many communities, and because we managed our State’s finances responsibly, we were able to hire 1,100 more police officers and 761 more teachers and teacher aides. We increased the Health Budget by $2 billion to reduce waiting times and end ambulance ramping. More Queenslanders got their health care faster.

We also stopped Labor increasing Queensland’s debt by $10 billion. This meant families didn’t face the higher fees, taxes and charges they would have under Labor.

Committed to Queensland

I’ve travelled widely across Queensland as I’m committed to listening, planning and working to Build a Better Queensland. We know different regions face different challenges.

A “one size fits all” approach will simply not work.

I want Queensland to be a State of opportunity again. A State of hope, where you’re safe, have job security and enjoy a great quality of life.

Tim Nicholls, LNP Member for Clayfield

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