Ted Sorensen, LNP Member for Hervey Bay

Local Family

I was born and educated in Hervey Bay. My family has been in the Hervey Bay area spanning some five generations. I really enjoyed playing rugby league, coaching and umpiring softball in my younger days, and this is where I found the great sense of ‘community kinship’ that was on offer in this great city.

Earning a living as a pastoralist, I married and raised my family here. The lifestyle, the weather, the picturesque environment loaded with tourism heroes, who have helped put Hervey Bay on the map is why I call Hervey Bay home!

An Active Community Member

Before being elected to Parliament in 2009, I served as our community’s Mayor from 2000-2008. I was first elected to Council in 1994. It’s always been a privilege to serve our community and doing what I can to help local residents.

I’m the proud patron on many organisations in Hervey Bay and I’m always impressed by the willingness of our community to voluntarily help and serve others.

Ted Sorensen, LNP Member for Hervey Bay
Ted Sorensen, LNP Member for Hervey Bay

Delivering Results

Working with locals, I’m proud to have delivered some great achievements for the Hervey Bay electorate including initiatives like, the Cancer and Dental clinic, extensions to the Hervey Bay Hospitals A&E and most importantly the LNP team and I worked hard on addressing the huge hospital waiting lists that I was confronted with when I became the Member for Hervey Bay.

I also delivered the Simpson and Hardie artificial reefs for recreational fishers, the sports centre and the 16 classrooms for the Hervey Bay High school, just to name a few.

Working Together

As we continue to grow in population, I want to welcome the new families to Hervey Bay and let you know that I’m always here to assist on State issues. There is much more to be done, and I’m proud to be part of the responsible LNP team that will deliver better roads, services and healthcare for our community.

Ted Sorensen, LNP Member for Hervey Bay

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