Ray Stevens, LNP Member for Mermaid Waters

Local Family

My wife and I moved to the Gold Coast 30 years ago and have raised our family here whilst also establishing local businesses around Pacific Fair, Surfers Paradise and Nerang. We have enjoyed the climate, the lifestyle and the opportunity for families to be involved in many community and recreational activities such as Nippers at the beach to all codes of football and, of course, our local cultural events.

Working for Mermaid Beach

I have proudly represented our community since 1988 in numerous public roles beginning as a Councillor on the Albert Shire Council and culminating in becoming Mayor of the amalgamated Albert Shire and Gold Coast City Council in 1995. I was elected to the Queensland State Parliament in September 2006 for the seat of Robina, which was renamed to Mermaid Beach prior to the 2009 election.

Ray Stevens, LNP Member for Mermaid Waters
Ray Stevens, LNP Member for Mermaid Waters

Community Support

I am a staunch supporter of our local schools and neighbourhood groups which form the backbone of our civic community. I am pleased to support their efforts to do the best for our kids. I am also mindful to ensure that our community is kept safe and that the scourge of Bikie Gangs do not re-emerge to threaten the safety of our community. I am vocal in support of measures to ensure that all members of our community feel safe to go about their daily affairs.

Working Together

Working together with my constituents I have assisted to resolve issues arising from the significant works associated with the Bermuda Street upgrade, consulted with and liaised on behalf of concerned residents with the Federal Government regarding the Instrument Landing System as well as liaising with local and State Government in relation to the issues with ‘Party Houses’ resulting in the Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) to ensure regulation around this kind of local accommodation. My creed is that all politics is local.

Ray Stevens, LNP Member for Mermaid Waters

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