Pat Weir, LNP Member for Condamine

Local Knowledge

I was elected as the member for Condamine in 2015. I have lived my entire life in this region growing up and working on the family property near Cecil Plains. My experience in the farming and small business sector has enabled me to understand the frustrations and concerns the local community have under Labor. With me as your local LNP member we will continue to build a better and more resilient Condamine.

Working for Regional Queensland

Having lived and worked in regional Queensland all my life, I believe in the future of our rural and regional communities. There are many opportunities in our region for local families to have a great quality of life and I’ll always fight for our fair share. I believe that we should have the same access to first-class health and educational services as our city cousins, and our roads should be just as safe to travel on.

Pat Weir, LNP Member for Condamine
Pat Weir, LNP Member for Condamine

Delivering Results

The opening of the renal unit at the Dalby hospital would have to be the highlight of my time as the member. This valuable service is helping local families receive much needed medical treatment without having to travel outside their local community. I have supported community and sporting organisations in obtaining funding for the purchase of equipment and improving infrastructure. I’m always working hard behind the scenes to deliver better roads, heath care and services for our region.

Listening to Locals

Every day I am out in the electorate listening to local residents. I know they are concerned about the safety of their families and whether their children will have employment in the future. Locals are concerned about the rise in state debt, the cost of living and reducing red tape for small business. They want good roads to transport their produce on and to travel safely with their families. I will continue to listen to my local community and action the issues of concern.

Pat Weir, LNP Member for Condamine

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