James Lister, LNP Member for Southern Downs

A bit about me

I live in Stanthorpe with my wife Belinda and our sons Jeremy and William. My mum and dad live here and my sister is a local paramedic. 

Belinda and I have both served in the RAAF. In my 17 years of service we have been sent across Australia and have served overseas. It is the drive to serve and make a positive difference in people’s lives that has led me to seek your support as the Liberal National Party candidate for Southern Downs after our long-serving local Member, Lawrence Springborg decided to retire at the next election. I joined the National Party when I was 16 and have maintained my membership for over 25 years.

Focusing on Rural and Regional Queensland

Like Lawrence, I believe you’ve got two ears and one mouth for a reason – we need more local Members who listen to what our communities need and will go to Brisbane and fight for us.

I want to continue the work that Lawrence has been doing for rural and regional Queensland for the last 28 years. At university, I studied biology and before joining the Air Force completed a 12-month placement at the Watson Wheat Breeding Centre at Narrabri.

James Lister, LNP Member for Southern Downs
James Lister, LNP Member for Southern Downs

Getting things done

I’m always amazed by the community spirit and resilience of people in regional Queensland. People support and help each other without a second thought when things are tough. We need a government that will focus on supporting agriculture, small businesses and regional communities.

A government that will build the roads, bridges and dams that we need. I want to continue fighting for what matters to people not more bureaucracy or lip-service. 

Standing up for you

As your Liberal National Member for Southern Downs, I will be your voice in Brisbane – not Brisbane’s voice in Southern Downs.

I need your support to continue fighting for local families and ensuring that our local communities get the things we need like good healthcare, great schools and safe roads.

James Lister, LNP Member for Southern Downs

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