Brent Mickelberg, LNP Member for Buderim

Local Family

After the birth of our first child, my wife Anna and I moved our young family to Buderim. As a father of two small children, I am passionate about making sure our community is a safe place for them to grow up.

I started my working life as a jackaroo on cattle stations out west before joining the military and serving in Afghanistan and East Timor.

My service as an Army officer taught me valuable lessons in leadership, service and commitment to our community. 

An Active Community Member

In my 13 years of service in as an Army officer I served our country in Afghanistan, East Timor, and border protection operations. I led soldiers during the search and rescue operation after the devastating 2011 Grantham floods.

My time in the Australian Army has taught me valuable lessons in leadership, taking responsibility and the importance of working in a team.

Brent Mickelberg, LNP Member for Buderim
Brent Mickelberg, LNP Member for Buderim

Listening to Locals

Buderim deserves a local member who puts Buderim before themselves. For me, it about service, not self-interest. People are frustrated by local traffic congestion, especially around schools. The Bruce Highway is like a carpark and families want to spend time together – not stuck in traffic.

We need to plan for the future to make sure our community and way of life is protected. Our community needs someone who will fight for them and get things done. 

Team Work Delivers Results

Buderim needs a local member that is able to work with all levels of Government, so that we can get the investment on the Sunshine Coast that will create great jobs and opportunity for everyone who wants to work.

Brent Mickelberg, LNP Member for Buderim

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