Our Plan to Deliver Water Security – Deliver Rookwood Weir

Deliver Rookwood Weir


Labor have been talking about building the Rookwood Weir since 2006 and yet, despite that, nothing has been done.

The water from this dam could create an extra $1 billion a year in agricultural production and 2,100 new jobs in Queensland. There is strong demand from the beef industry and macadamia industry, and water security is needed for irrigation.

Agricultural producers, the resources sector and local communities need this water and yet Labor have been too busy playing petty political games with Canberra.

Labor have been missing in action when it comes to Rookwood Weir. During the 2017 election Annastacia Palaszczuk failed to commit any funding for the project.

Only after sustained pressure from the LNP at state and Commonwealth level has a funding commitment been made – but it depends on receiving an ongoing 50:50 contribution from the Commonwealth. It is clear Labor is looking for any excuse not to build the Rookwood Weir.


We will work with the Federal Government to finally deliver this project for Central Queensland.

The Federal Government stumped up the cash two years ago while Labor were stalling on more studies that they wouldn’t even pay for themselves.

An LNP Government will contribute the $176 million as a 50/50 state contribution to ensure this project can finally get started. We won’t get into an unnecessary fight about operating costs. It’s time to get this project built.

Building Queensland found “all water user groups are exposed to the water security risks associated with GAWB’s single supply source risks and Rockhampton’s risk exposure associated with just one ‘failed’ wet season”, so Rookwood Weir is essential for water security.

Water security shouldn’t be a political football.

It’s time to stop talking and start delivering on this much-needed water infrastructure project.

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