Our Plan to Bust Congestion – Bust Bottlenecks


Congestion on our roads is getting worse under Labor. Southeast Queensland continues to grow, with almost two million extra people set to call it home over the next two decades.

That means more pressure on existing infrastructure like local roads, schools and hospitals.

Labor have cut the capital infrastructure budget by $3 billion a year, with over $400 million in cuts to the road budget in the last year alone. That means more congestion and a reduction in our standard of living.


We understand that local road congestion is a major issue and that if nothing is done, the problem gets worse. It is taking longer to get to work, drop the kids at school or drive to the local shops. While major highway upgrades are important, upgrading local roads and clearing intersection bottlenecks allows people to get home sooner and safer.

An LNP Government would work with local councils on key upgrades and have a priority list for delivery. Investing in local infrastructure across Southeast Queensland will ensure that infrastructure keeps pace with demand and helps us plan for the future. This is part of our congestion-busting infrastructure plan to get you home sooner and safer.

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