Our Plan to Bust Congestion – Alternative Routes

Alternative Routes


Congestion in Southeast Queensland is getting worse and Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor have no long-term plans to fix the problem. Our major roads are choked with congestion, including the Centenary Motorway, Bruce Highway, Pacific Motorway, Gympie Road and Old Cleveland Road. Queenslanders are sitting in growing traffic on the way to work and it’s taking longer to get back home to our families each evening. Meanwhile, Labor’s rail fail means more commuters are getting back into their cars because they don’t know whether their train will turn up.

Despite worsening congestion, the Palaszczuk Labor Government has cut roads funding this year to the tune of $65 million in SEQ and $400 million across the state. Stop-start traffic congestion increases fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by around 30%, so increased traffic is not only a drain on the hip pocket – it is bad for the environment as well.

“Congestion threatens our local economy, environment and quality of life. Time wasted sitting in congested traffic reduces both leisure time and productivity; and longer travel times significantly increase transport costs for business.” RACQ


Despite our population significantly increasing, a comprehensive assessment of existing alternative road corridors hasn’t been done in the last decade. We need to plan now for the alternative routes that Southeast Queensland needs to the north, south, east and west of the Brisbane CBD. We can’t just keep adding lanes to our existing main roads – it’s time for a comprehensive look at alternative routes.

In partnership with the SEQ Council of Mayors, an LNP Government will provide better co-ordination of state and local roads, preserve future road corridors and begin planning the alternative routes we will need over the next two decades. To address Labor’s lack of serious planning, we need an infrastructure plan that works with our regional growth plan and provides a clear road network for the future. The LNP believes in proper planning, not just endless glossy brochures that never eventuate because there is no detailed follow-through.

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