Our Plan for Lower Taxes – No New Taxes

No New Taxes


On the eve of the last state election, Labor announced four new taxes for Queenslanders and flagged a fifth – the waste tax – just months after the election.

The first four taxes alone will rip half-a-billion dollars out of our economy.

Higher taxes are in Labor’s DNA. Labor has never seen someone else’s money without wanting to snatch it – whether it’s tax-payers’ money, motorists’ money or public transport users’ money.

Their record on higher taxes is appalling. They abolished the fuel excise after the 2009 election, despite promising not to beforehand.

They supported a carbon tax that destroyed jobs and cost Queenslanders billions of dollars, including stinging every family $170 a year extra on their electricity bills.

They broke a 2015 election promise by introducing a new tax on property investment – a tax the Property Council has described as a job-destroying tax.

They were also caught out using electricity as a secret tax – costing hundreds of jobs like those who were employed at the Boyne aluminium smelter in Gladstone.

Make no mistake, when Labor governments are in power, Queenslanders always pay the price. You can’t tax your way to growth.


Queensland used to have a reputation as a low–taxing state, encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit where if people had a go and backed themselves, they could make a decent living and get ahead in life.

We want Queensland to be the state of opportunity once more.

That’s why an LNP Government will guarantee no new taxes if we are elected at the next state election.

We are putting up the signs that Queensland is open for business once again and we are unashamed about our approach to growing the economy. Labor’s job-destroying taxes put a handbrake on jobs.

It’s only under an LNP Government that business will have the renewed hope and confidence to invest in Queensland and create more jobs and increase wages.

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