Our Plan for Lower Taxes – Back Home Grown Businesses


It’s clear that Labor favours corporate welfare and taxpayer handouts for interstate and international businesses over giving Queensland businesses a fair go.

Annastacia Palaszczuk thinks that subsidising billionaire international movie-makers is a long-term economic plan for Queensland. Providing subsidies to Scottish craft brewers also doesn’t make sense when we have an abundance of home-grown breweries.

Surely the Queensland Government should be supporting local businesses, boosting the capacity of businesses that operate here, generate profits here and employ locals?

“The region’s small brewers are more than a little disgruntled at the Queensland Government trumpeting their financial support for an international brewery to set up shop. They are astounded at the complete lack of investment or interest in local businesses, literally owned by the mums and dads to whom government ministers love to pay lip service.” Australian Brews News opinion piece published on ABC online, 9 February 2018

Queensland has the second-highest unemployment rate in Australia and Labor’s focus on Dora the Explorer and subsidies to international beer companies are nothing more than a distraction. Queenslanders deserve better.

They need a real economic plan.


If elected, the LNP would ensure that future government assistance was provided to Queensland-based businesses as a priority.

We don’t think that corporate welfare to encourage interstate or international businesses to come here and compete with existing local businesses is a long-term plan to create jobs.

The LNP would open up the books and reveal as much detail as legally possible about the millions of dollars being spent under government grant programs. Commercial-in-confidence shouldn’t be about government secrecy and hiding details of how taxpayers’ money is spent.

The Treasury will be asked to commission a report on the details of existing grant programs and other offers extended and whether those secret deals are in the interest of Queensland taxpayers. This money should be used to make it easier for current Queensland businesses to operate. Government shouldn’t be about picking business winners.

As the Government’s own competition authority said: “Government intervention to alter consumption or production (through industry assistance) will generally lead to a net loss for society.”

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