Our Plan for Cheaper Electricity and Fuel – Support Green Energy


Queenslanders want affordable and reliable energy. But South Australia’s rush to a 50 per cent renewable energy target resulted in blackouts and higher prices. Queensland Labor have blindly followed South Australia, putting Queensland’s energy future at risk.

Today Queenslanders pay more for green schemes than any other state, but have the lowest amount of renewable energy.

As the national energy market changes and renewable technology becomes more affordable, renewable energy generation projects can stand on their own two feet.

Under Labor, previous renewable energy projects were only possible due to high-level government subsidies, distorting the market.

In 2017, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) indicated that the resilience of the national energy market is at risk and that ‘renewable generation can provide some support to maintain reliability’. However, if renewable development was to lead to earlier retirement of existing baseload generators, the risk of increased blackouts would increase.

We need to get the balance right between baseload generation and renewable energy generation. Otherwise, Queenslanders will continue to pay more and our reliability will match South Australia.


An LNP Government would mandate investment by our government-owned energy companies in renewable energy generation. We need to transition to a future beyond coal.

The LNP supports renewable energy. Unlike Labor, we can make it affordable so that even more Queenslanders can have access and ensure that we transition responsibly.

We would work with the AEMO on the right mix of electricity generation to ensure that electricity supply becomes affordable and reliable.

While renewable energy generation is more expensive, the cost of technology has declined in recent years. By 2020 it is anticipated that the cost of renewable energy generation will reach parity with fossil fuel generation.

As renewable technology becomes more affordable it is important that our generation mix is flexible and dispatchable.

Our approach is responsible and supports national targets. We will support additional jobs and investment in Queensland’s renewal energy industry while maintaining a reliable and secure energy supply.

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