Our Plan for Cheaper Electricity and Fuel – Fight for Fairer Fuel


Fuel prices in Queensland are among the highest in the country. Price variations of up to 25 cents a litre can exist within the same suburb or town. This can mean a price difference of $12 to $15 for a tank of fuel.

Currently, existing fuel apps are unable to display comprehensive information as it is not compulsory in Queensland for petrol retailers to provide this information.

Fuel is an essential part of life and motorists are being hit hard by high prices at a time when cost of living pressures are placing a major burden on Queensland families and businesses.

The RACQ has suggested that making it compulsory for retailers to report prices in real-time could save Queensland motorists $70 million each year. The NRMA has said real-time monitoring in NSW can save individual motorists $500 a year.

Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor have been dragged kicking and screaming to act on this issue and Queenslanders have been missing out on savings of up to 15 cents per litre.

Their two-year trial shows that their heart isn’t in it and they would rather back big fuel companies than struggling motorists.


We understand that motorists have been doing it tough, getting ripped off at the petrol bowser every time they fill up.

A Liberal National Government will make it compulsory for every retailer to provide information on specific prices and specific types of fuel in real time. Under our Fight for Fairer Fuel Plan, retailers will not only be required to publish their prices, but also the date and time from which the prices will be applied.

Ensuring greater fuel price transparency for consumers will help them find the stations offering the cheapest fuel.

This initiative will promote more competition and help drive down the high cost of fuel.

Real-time monitoring of fuel prices will empower motorists, drive more competition and help ease the household budget pain of Queensland motorists.

“Motorists filling up a vehicle with a 60 litre tank could save themselves in the region of $10–15 per tank of petrol.” – ACCC Chairman Rod Sims explains the benefits of providing motorists information on fuel prices, 13 September 2017

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