Our Plan for Better Health & Education – Tackle the Ice Epidemic

Tackling the ICE Epidemic


ICE use across Queensland – particularly in regional and remote communities – has skyrocketed in recent years.

Organised crime gangs who supply the drug know they can run it through our regional communities easier because it’s harder to contain.

There are fewer police over a larger geographic area and there is significant economic disadvantage – such as high unemployment – so the market is there.

Labor’s ‘business as usual’ approach simply won’t solve the problem.


The LNP will build four new rehab centres across the state, with more detox facilities to get people off their addiction and get them the help they need to stay clean.

Our focus is on more treatment, more prevention and more rehabilitation.

We also want to shut down the big crime gangs that peddle drugs to our kids.

Queenslanders can’t wait another three years, we need solutions now.

Our comprehensive and targeted plan deals with the ICE epidemic that has spread across the state and complements the National Ice Action Strategy.

It includes education and awareness, targeted prevention, improved rehabilitation, focused law enforcement and better research.

We want to help struggling families coping with addiction and ensure that a generation of Queenslanders aren’t lost to the ICE epidemic.

It’s important that ICE patients are treated for their drug addiction and not simply shunted off to mental health wards.

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