Our Plan for Better Health & Education – Make English Mandatory


It was recently revealed that English won’t be a mandatory component of the new senior school tertiary entrance system, known as ATAR, which is replacing the current OP system.

Reading and writing are two fundamental skills that are assessed through NAPLAN and are important for helping our kids succeed in life and get a job.

Saying that English is not a mandatory inclusion for ATAR diminishes the importance of the subject.

The LNP overhauled our senior assessment to ensure we have a modern, nationally consistent approach but Labor’s decision treats English as a third-rate subject.

It also sends the wrong message to our kids and our teachers. We should be boosting literacy and numeracy standards, not diminishing them.

If it’s good enough for kids in New South Wales and Victoria, it’s good enough for Queensland.


We want our kids to be the smartest in the nation.

Our writing results for year 7 and 9 are some of the lowest in the country as it is.

The LNP would immediately overturn Labor’s decision to exclude English in the results of the new senior assessment and tertiary entrance system from 2020.

We should be doing more to address NAPLAN results.

Boosting literacy and numeracy standards will deliver better education outcomes for our kids and give them the tools they need to succeed in life.

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