Our Plan for Better Health & Education – Independent Public Schools


Independent Public Schools (IPS) are destined for the scrapheap under Labor because they decentralise government and cut the teachers’ union out of key decision-making processes, which are driven locally.

Since 2013, 250 Independent Public Schools have commenced across Queensland, but the program has stalled under Labor.

In their first term, Labor introduced a union veto over IPS approvals as payback to their union masters.

IPS is an optional initiative that local school communities can apply for that gives schools greater autonomy in decision-making, cuts red tape and removes layers of management to improve student outcomes – unless the unions say no.

The unions have never supported the program, dictating Labor’s policy and opposition to IPS.

The fake scare campaign the unions ran against IPS has been shown for exactly what it was.

But the unions continue to dictate Labor’s education policy and lead the opposition to IPS.

A secret review is now underway to determine the future of this important education initiative.


The LNP will support our school communities and continue the roll-out of IPS across Queensland, as we believe that local principals, in consultation with their local school communities, are best placed to make decisions about their schools.

We recognise that a one-size fits all approach to education simply does not work.

Research shows that more autonomy improves school performance and student outcomes.

Local decision-making, greater control over resources and increased funding enables locallytailored programs that increase collaboration and maximise our children’s potential, increasing their opportunity to get a job.

The LNP believe that local school communities, parents, teachers and principals know what is best for their children – we want to give them the ability to make those decisions without interference.

Since the introduction of IPS, we have seen innovative partnerships between schools and local universities and industry groups, expanded music programs through partnerships with nearby schools and primary schools working with kindies to ensure school readiness.

More Independent Public Schools will empower more local principals and parents to be the masters of their own destiny and have greater freedom to shape their own strategic direction and make decisions, which will directly benefit their students and the needs of their local school community.

This is part of our plan to support local decisionmaking and provide Queensland mums and dads with more choice.

The LNP vision is for Queensland children to receive the best education in Australia.

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