Our Plan for Better Health & Education – Get Back to Basics


In 2016, a former primary school teacher of 33 years broke her silence about the pressures on modern teachers and the effects of an overcrowded curriculum.

Receiving wide media coverage for her comments, she said in a social media forum:

“The curriculum I taught grade two in the eighties is now down at prep and year one. We know that it’s not working.”

“In my teaching career I have never seen so many children suffering from stress and anxiety.”

The claims were backed up by P&Cs Queensland and the Queensland Teachers Union.

A 2014 review of the Australian curriculum found that ‘the curriculum is overcrowded in many dimensions’.

The effect of a crowded curriculum is that core literacy and numeracy subjects are compromised, particularly in the early years where foundation skills are so important.


The LNP wants to ensure our education system gets back to basics and lets teachers get on with their job – to teach our kids the foundation skills they need to get a job and succeed in life.

Under our plan to declutter the curriculum, we would ensure a greater focus on teaching the foundation skills of language, literacy and numeracy.

To do this, we would partner with teachers, parents and principals to develop additional material for teachers through the Queensland Curriculum Assessment Authority that gets back to basics. This is similar to the model in New South Wales, under the K–10 Curriculum Framework, and Victoria under the F–10 Curriculum.

Our plan to declutter the curriculum will give our kids a stronger focus on the skills they need to get ahead in life, while taking the pressures off teachers and principals.

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