LNP Plan to combat exorbitant fuel prices

Deb Frecklington, LNP Member for Nanango

Fuel companies would be forced to publish its prices in real-time if the Liberal National Party wins the 2020 state election.

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington said while lazy Labor have dithered since winning the election almost two months ago, the LNP was getting down to business to find solutions Queenslanders demand on ever increasing household budgets.

“People are hurting and paying through the nose for fuel. It isn’t good enough for the Premier to fob it off as someone else’s problem,” Ms Frecklington said.

“Under our Fight for Fairer Fuel plan we will make retailers publish their prices in real time, and the date and time from which the prices will be applied.

“This data will be available to third parties who want to build apps to inform Queensland motorists of the cheapest prices.

“The system we are proposing will allow for information to be shared within a very short timeframe online and will be updated whenever the petrol station’s fuel boards are changed.”

Other states already have existing requirements for publishing fuel price data, such as New South Wales with its fuelcheck.nsw.gov.au/app

“This isn’t rocket science, it has already saved motorists hundreds of dollars a year in New South Wales and I don’t even mind if Annastacia Palaszczuk nicks our idea before 2020,” Deb said.

“We will require all fuel retailers, large or small, to update information in real-time.

“It is time to pull the curtain back on the secret formula the retailers use which has led to very high prices, particularly in regional areas, without much justification.

“Price variations of up to 25 cents a litre, even in the same suburbs or country towns, is simply outrageous.

“If fuel stations are required to post real-time price information it will give consumers all the power, where they can vote with their feet and their cars, and that will create enormous competition.”

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