LNP hits road to fight Labor’s tax bombshell

Liberal National Party Leader Deb Frecklington kicked off her “War on Labor Taxes” campaign today with a visit to Followmont Transport, Queensland’s largest family-owned transport company.

Ms Frecklington said she will fight Labor’s half-a-billion tax grab across Queensland from now until the State Budget in June.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk unveiled four new taxes just two days before the last election and, when asked in Parliament to rule out more new taxes or tax hikes, she wouldn’t do it,” Ms Frecklington said.

“Not to mention the $15 billion in tax revenue Bill Shorten will suck of out Queenslanders should he become Prime Minister – more than $6000 per Queenslander.

“Businesses like Followmont pay massive payroll taxes to the Palaszczuk Government and would be hit hard by any increase in this state-based levy.

“Labor are like leeches when it comes to tax – they can’t resist sucking the lifeblood out of the economy.”

Labor’s four new state-based taxes include:

  • An increase in land tax on high-value properties:
    The increase in land tax will be passed on to tenants, which in most cases are business owners.
  • An increase in foreign investment tax: 
    Industry groups say this tax will discourage foreign investment in Queensland’s property market with a flow on to the level of activity in the construction sector and the jobs it provides Queenslanders.
  • A new luxury car tax: 
    This new tax will make it much more expensive to purchase a vehicle in Queensland compared to NSW, driving business to other states killing Queensland jobs.
  • A new point of consumption tax on online wagering companies:
    Industry says this will cost industry jobs and have wider implications on the racing industry as these companies provided $27 million to the government last year.

“If Labor was prepared to sneak out four new taxes on the eve of an election there’s nothing to stop them increasing payroll tax, mining royalties and introducing a new waste levy,” Ms Frecklington said.

“Employers need a cast-iron guarantee they won’t be whacked again, but the Premier and her Treasurer won’t give them one.

“I’ll fight Labor’s taxes across Queensland and all the way to the next election to protect jobs, struggling families and businesses.”

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