LNP demands toll road inquiry

The LNP is stepping up its fight for drivers by calling for a full parliamentary inquiry into Queensland’s toll roads.


LNP Leader Deb Frecklington said the under-use of toll roads was one reason for Southeast Queensland’s growing congestion nightmare.


“Our toll roads are underused and our toll company tops the table for consumer complaints,” Ms Frecklington said.


“We should be busting congestion by making the best use of all our roads, tunnels and bridges.


“The system isn’t working and if I were Premier I’d make fixing it a priority.”


The LNP will move a motion demanding an inquiry when Parliament sits again in June.


The inquiry would give MPs the chance to scrutinise the record of Transurban, the company which operates all of the Southeast’s toll roads.


Transurban’s Queensland toll collection arm, GoVia, receives 51 per cent of all complaints lodged with the Tolling Customer Ombudsman – more than the rest of Australia combined.


“I want to look at how toll road operators work and how they treat their customers,” Ms Frecklington said


“Drivers aren’t using toll roads because they feel they’re being taken for a ride. We’ve got to make toll roads more affordable by looking at discounts, bundling and other incentives.


The LNP-backed inquiry would look at consumer issues and complaints, as well as examining

pricing and incentive options with the aim of cutting congestion.


Already this month the LNP has pledged to invest $1.4 billion in congestion-busting infrastructure, pressured Labor to trial real-time fuel price monitoring and launched an online driver survey to identify the Southeast’s congestion hot-spots.


“Whether it’s fuel prices, tolls or my $1.4 billion plan for congestion-busting roads, I’m fighting for a fairer deal for drivers,” Ms Frecklington said.

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