LNP demands toll ombudsman in Queensland

The Palaszczuk Labor Government must immediately adopt the LNP’s plan to give the Queensland ombudsman jurisdiction over toll roads.

Shadow Transport Minister Steve Minnikin said the LNP’s inquiry into toll roads found the Tolling Customer Ombudsman only operated part-time and was based in Victoria.

“Queensland urgently needs an independent Ombudsman to stick up for consumers,” Mr Minnikin said.

“It’s not good enough that complaints are received via a fax machine in a Melbourne post office.

“Labor must go further than simply considering an ombudsman based in Queensland – they need to get on and deliver it.

“The LNP announced we would expand the role of the Queensland ombudsman to cover toll road complaints.

“Labor should adopt the LNP’s toll road plan instead of picking fights with Brisbane City Council.

“Additionally, the LNP would fight for lower tolls, fairer fees and better customer services.

“Toll road users in other jurisdictions get discounts, price bundling and other incentives to increase patronage.

“If regular toll users in New York can get a 72 per cent discount, I don’t see why discounts shouldn’t be offered to Queensland motorists.

“The Department of Transport and Main Roads should do an immediate audit of fees to ensure no gouging is occurring.

“Transurban should relocate its main call centre back to Queensland from Manila to improve customer service as well.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk was Transport Minister when Labor sold the toll roads.

“Labor caused this mess, but the LNP would fix the toll roads so we can bust congestion.”

Background: The attached document shows the Minister can direct Queensland Motorways, which is comprised of Transurban, as part of the Infrastructure Investment Bill 2009.

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