Labor’s Taxageddon starts today

Queensland families will be hit with more taxes from today as Labor’s taxageddon kicks in.

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington said Labor was hurting Queensland households with new taxes and record debt.

“From today, Queenslanders will be hit with three new taxes, a 3.5% increase in car rego and more taxes on the horizon,” Ms Frecklington said.

“While Queensland families try their best to manage their budgets and pay their bills, Labor’s taxes will rip some $2.25 billion out of our economy and hurt businesses and households in every corner of this state.

“In the next year alone, these new taxes will raise more than $128 million for this taxing Labor Government.

“Managing the household budget is more and more challenging with new taxes, record water prices, record power prices and record car registration fees under Labor.

“Unlike Labor’s addiction to taxes, I have already taken the extraordinary step this far out from an election to rule out any new taxes under a government I lead.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor’s only plan for Queensland is taxes, debt and unemployment.”

LNP Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander said Labor had never seen a tax they didn’t like.

“Labor has run this state for almost a generation but they still can’t keep Queensland afloat without imposing new taxes,” Mr Mander said.

“Queenslanders will be slugged with higher car rego, grey nomads will have to pay thousands of dollars more for a new campervan under the vehicle registration duty and businesses will be hit by the land tax.

“The taxes are an admission from Labor that it has no plan for Queensland, just a plan for taxes, debt and high unemployment.

“Worse still, in the next four years Queenslanders will be hit with an $83 billion debt bomb as Jackie Trad slaps more money on the taxpayer’s credit card.

“Labor’s debt bomb is costing the Queensland economy $10 million a day, $420,000 an hour, and more than $7 thousand a minute.

“Every day Queenslanders are being taxed through the roof because of Labor’s financial mismanagement.”

“Queensland families are already struggling with managing their budgets without more tax grabs from Labor.”

Facts and figures

  • Additional Foreign Acquirer Duty (increase from 3% to 7%) – $24.02 million to be raised in 2018/19
  • Additional Vehicle Registration Duty – aka Grey Nomad Tax – $33 million to be raised in 2018/19
  • Land Tax increased aggregation – $71 million to be raised in 2018/19
  • TOTAL of these three tax hikes – $128.02 million (for the next year only)
  • Labor’s tax hikes of $2.25 billion equate to $450 for every man, woman and baby in Queensland (in total over the next four years)
  • Car registration hike by 3.5% (almost double the inflation rate)
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