Labor must fix coal train dispute

The Palaszczuk State Labor Government must step up and fix the mess between Aurizon and resource companies that is risking Queensland jobs and royalty revenue.

Liberal National Party Shadow Mines Minister Dale Last has called out Treasurer Jackie Trad for misleading Queenslanders by claiming that the dispute would not have the reported impact on the state’s coal exports and royalties.

“Jackie Trad says she doesn’t believe claims that the row threatens 20 million tonnes of coal, worth $4 billion in royalties to the Queensland economy,” Mr Last said.

“This from a Treasurer who gave completely false assurances that this dispute would be solved within the confines of the existing regulatory and legislative framework.

“What we’ve seen however is the complete opposite with both sides of the dispute claiming there’s no way they can restore the status quo under the current laws.

“The LNP believes there are fundamental flaws with the current legislation and it needs to be fixed as a priority.

“The regulatory system has never been up to standard since Labor privatised QR National.

“It’s clear that this row has now dragged on for far too long with the incompetent Treasurer Jackie Trad failing to fix things and the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk totally missing in action.

“To put this issue around lost royalty revenue into perspective, that missing $4 billion would be enough to fund the entire Townsville Hospital and Health Service more than four times for an entire year.

“Queenslanders just want to see this mess sorted out to protect thousands of Queensland resources jobs and restore our reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality coal.”

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