Labor given another fail in new business survey

  • New survey shows small and medium business continues to have no confidence in Palaszczuk Government
  • Nearly 90 per cent of businesses say Labor’s policies either hurt or are no help to them
  • Businesses cite Labor’s addiction to taxes as a major bugbear

A new survey released today shows Queensland’s small and medium businesses have no confidence in the Palaszczuk Labor Government and its ability to deliver for them.

LNP Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander said the Sensis Business Index was just the latest in a series of independent reports that showed the Palaszczuk Government was hurting Queensland businesses.

“Not once since the Palaszczuk Government’s election has it been viewed positively by small and medium businesses in Queensland,” Mr Mander said.

“A whopping 88 per cent of businesses say Labor’s policies are either holding them back or not helping them at all.

“A quarter of all businesses say Labor’s policies are working against them.

“Labor’s addiction to taxes is listed as a major impediment for business. This survey was taken before Labor revealed its four new secret taxes, which will no doubt drive down confidence as Queensland households and businesses are forced to pay more.”

Mr Mander said regional businesses, in particular, were feeling less confident about the future than their city counterparts.

“Last quarter we saw falls in sales, prices and profitability. It’s clear looking at the survey businesses aren’t planning on making capital investments in their businesses over the coming year.

“The biggest risk to Queensland’s economy is a lazy Labor Government that addicted to taxing ordinary families and businesses.“

You can’t tax your way to growth and Labor is risking Queensland’s future by continuing to hike up taxes.

“Labor should listen to what our small business community is saying and look to introduce policies to help them instead of hitting them with unsustainable increases to fees and charges.”

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