Labor fails to rule out new wave of taxes

Queenslanders are staring down the barrel of a wave of new taxes after the Palaszczuk Labor Government failed to rule out introducing them.

LNP Deputy Leader Tim Mander asked the Labor Treasurer to rule out introducing or raising any new taxes in Parliament today, but Cameron Dick couldn’t do it.

“Labor has already smashed the Queensland economy with nine new or increased taxes, which have ripped almost $4 billion out of the economy,” Mr Mander said.

“There is a real threat that Annastacia Palaszczuk will slug Queensland families and businesses with new and increased taxes.

“Make no mistake, Labor taxes will cost more Queensland jobs.

“Labor slugging households and business with more taxes in the middle of a recession would be devastating for the economy and handbrake on recovery.

“Queenslanders should not have to pay for years of economic mismanagement and waste by Labor.

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government doesn’t have an economic plan, but it does have a tax plan.”

Mr Mander said the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s failure to hand down a full Budget was another warning sign that new or increased taxes were in the works.

“Labor must deliver a full Budget before the election so Queenslanders can see what taxes Labor will slug them with,” he said.

“Queensland can’t afford another four years of Labor’s addiction to taxes.

“Labor relies on taxing Queenslanders because they don’t have a plan to grow the economy any other way.

“The LNP knows you can’t tax your way to growth.

“The LNP has committed to no new taxes, which will give businesses certainty to grow, invest and employ Queenslanders.

“Our no-new-taxes guarantee is part of our plan to stimulate the economy and create secure jobs to drag Queensland out of this recession.

“It will drive investment to help make Queensland Australia’s economic powerhouse again; the best place to get a job and get ahead and raise a family.”

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