Labor fails to deliver despite soaring spending

Tax-payers should be disturbed by the KPMG review of public services under Labor, Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander said today.

“The wage bill for public servants has increased by over $5 billion under Annastacia Palaszczuk,” Mr Mander said.

“Labor has wasted $165,000 of tax-payers’ money trying to prove that hiring more public servants has improved services.

“But KPMG found improved service outcomes are unlikely to be driven only by the number of public servants employed.

“This Government spends a lot and delivers next to nothing.

“Now we know why Labor buried this report for a year and refused to let voters see it before the last state election.

“Our services are getting worse, not better. Surgery waiting times have almost doubled, crime has increased, most NAPLAN scores are going backwards and child safety investigations are taking longer to start.

“You don’t need a $165,000 report to tell you that Labor is failing Queensland.”

The report also raised concerns that public servants may not be going to the highest areas of need and highlighted a range of deficiencies with the Palaszczuk Government’s setting of priorities and targets.

Additionally, the report recommended that Ministerial accountability be improved and that departments collaborate more closely to break down government ‘silos’ and improve services.

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