Labor cuts more than 1000 teachers from Queensland schools

The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s teacher announcement has been revealed as nothing more than a sham that will cut more than 1000 teachers in Queensland.

Labor are counting replacement teachers in their 6100-hire number and only 2190 of them are new teaching jobs. The rest are replacements for teachers that leave.

LNP Shadow Minister for Education Jarrod Bleijie said the LNP had committed to delivering 3350 additional teachers and 760 additional teacher aides, over and above the existing head count. 

“Labor is cutting teacher numbers at a time when NAPLAN results are going backwards,” Mr Bleijie said.

“NAPLAN results in 88 of 93 electorates have gone backwards under Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“Today’s announcement is the single biggest education con in Queensland history from Labor.

“Labor has no Budget, no plan, and is now cutting teachers because they can’t manage the economy.

“The LNP will deliver 3350 additional teachers in Queensland, but Labor has committed to cutting 1160 teachers in comparison.

“Only the LNP can make this investment in education because only the LNP has a plan to grow our economy and get Queensland working again.

“Not only will the LNP hire more teachers than Labor, we will get back to basics in the classroom by decluttering the education curriculum to ensure a stronger focus on English, maths and science.”

By the numbers

LNP total teacher hire, including replacements: 7260

Labor total teacher hire, including replacements: 6100.

7260 – 6100 = Labor is cutting 1160 teachers.

Number of new teachers under LNP: 3350

Number of new teachers under Labor: 2190

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