ICT blowouts grow under Labor

Queenslanders are missing out on new nurses, new schools and additional frontline police officers because of ICT budget blowouts under Annastacia Palaszczuk.

This Labor Government has overseen ICT blowouts totalling to more than a quarter of a billion dollars.

Two hundred and fifty million dollars could have funded more than 2,300 nurses, 2,400 new police officers or 3,620 firefighters.

We could have built eight new schools, delivered more than 5,400 ice rehab beds or funded swimming lessons at all Queensland schools for a generation of kids.

I won’t let these budget blowouts happen on my watch.

I will make sure Queenslanders have access to additional rehab beds, swimming lessons and more frontline resources.

The LNP will properly manage projects, unlike Labor who are happily taking money out of your pocket.

The LNP started the ICT dashboard because we’re committed to openness and accountability.

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