Our Plan for Lower Taxes – Fight for Fairer GST

THE PROBLEM Labor failed to make an evidence-based argument that would protect and if possible increase Queensland’s share of the GST pie. This isn’t surprising given Labor’s economic track record. Let’s not forget Annastacia Palaszczuk didn’t even know what the GST rate was when she became Premier. The most recent

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Our Plan for Lower Taxes – Back Home Grown Businesses

THE PROBLEM It’s clear that Labor favours corporate welfare and taxpayer handouts for interstate and international businesses over giving Queensland businesses a fair go. Annastacia Palaszczuk thinks that subsidising billionaire international movie-makers is a long-term economic plan for Queensland. Providing subsidies to Scottish craft brewers also doesn’t make sense when

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No New Taxes

Our Plan for Lower Taxes – No New Taxes

THE PROBLEM On the eve of the last state election, Labor announced four new taxes for Queenslanders and flagged a fifth – the waste tax – just months after the election. The first four taxes alone will rip half-a-billion dollars out of our economy. Higher taxes are in Labor’s DNA.

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